Tropical Winter : Igbà-Ayé

de Femi M. Nassi • Poésie

5 000 F CFA


Life is a cycle. We are born, we live, then we die. And if you believe in reincarnation or an after-life, then death constitutes in itself, a new beginning, that of a different cycle. In this book, we explore the mental cycles that we often go through throughout our lives. We talk about death, in its various forms, be it abandonment, loss, or grief; or even suffering, suicide, and mental illness. We also explore the space, the liminal. A place where we exist only for the purpose of existing. Here there is no judgment, there is no good or bad. There only is. And finally, we talk about coming back to life. About gaining strength and confidence, finding love and acceptance. We talk about peace.

À propos de l'auteur

Femi M. Nassi, in her own words, is an in- betweener. Originally from the Republic of Benin in West Africa, she currently lives in Thornton, Colorado. She is the co-author of Ji-Sokeě: The awakening, a memoir in which she shares her first year of experience in the United States. In it, she develops and reflects on certain realities such as culture shock, diversity, race, mental health, and cultural identity. With Ji-Sokeě, she hopes to shed some light on the realities that many immigrant and international students face, while also providing them with support and a sense of community. When she’s not writing, she hosts the “In- Betweeners Podcast” where she discusses with folks from all over the world on a variety of subjects including race, sexuality, relationship, self-identity, and mental health. Through it, she hopes “to build a bridge between worlds, one human being at a time, by sharing untold and unknown stories and creating a space of discovery, education, and understanding.” She believes that everyone has a story worth sharing and aims to provide such a space to those who don’t always feel heard or seen.